Website Development Services

Released Date
May 13, 2022
Due Date
June 10, 2022
New York Racing Association, Inc.
Issuer Type
not for profit
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The New York Racing Association, Inc. (“NYRA”) is requesting proposals from Website Development agencies/companies to provide best-in-class web development services for NYRA digital platforms, including web hosting, search engine optimization, graphic design, and consulting and project management, and technical support. The Term of any agreement entered into as a result of this RFP shall be until December 31, 2025, to be renewed at NYRA’s sole discretion for two (2) additional terms of one (1) year (the “Term”).
Proposals will be received by the Procurement Supervisor at 110-00 Rockaway Blvd, So. Ozone Par, NY 11417, not later than 3 PM, prevailing time, on June 10, 2022.  Complete details and specifications relating to the proposed work are available and can be downloaded from the Empire State Purchasing Group Website:
Bids will be accepted electronically; prospective bidders have the opportunity to submit their bids via the following website: (Empire State Purchasing Group). In addition, vendors/contractors have the option of submitting the bids manually to the above-referenced address. It is the bidder’s responsibility to submit their bids on time.