IT Managed Services Provider

Released Date
June 20, 2022
Due Date
July 27, 2022
City of Newberry
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General Requirements

• Provide ongoing engineering, design and maintenance oversight for the operation of all systems, as needed to meet the needs of the City.
• Provide services under the direction of the City Manager or designee.
• Provide the City with a primary contact who shall be available to the City in person as needed or by telephone on a twenty-four (24) hour basis, seven (7) days a week.
• Provide supervision of subcontractors providing Information Technology services to ensure that subcontractors perform all contractual requirements effectively and efficiently.
• Track, maintain, and report in a timely manner on key performance indicators for IT services established by the City in consultation with the Contractor
• Identify and perform other Information Technology assistance where the firm reasonably anticipates needs, which are not specifically set forth above.
• Provide hardware and software integration utilizing proven assessment management and tracking techniques, consistent with standard industry practices.
• Provide strong customer service focus and possess strong communication skills.
• Employ staff familiar with the City’s software suites and current network hardware and services.
• Provide prompt response time to troubleshoot problems that arise and interface with City’s software vendors to coordinate resolution of software issues.

This is a general description, refer to the solicitation itself for the detailed comprehensive scope of work