Intellectual Property Management Solution

Released Date
August 15, 2022
Due Date
August 23, 2022
The University of Texas System
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Higher Ed
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Researchers, inventors, and innovators from across the University of Texas (UT) System create new knowledge, engineer new products, redefine outdated processes, and develop novel services all with the goal of advancing humanity. The broad process of transferring laboratory research/knowledge to society is known as technology transfer or technology commercialization. Affiliate universities within the UT System have dedicated offices aimed supporting the technology transfer/commercialization process. To facilitate this process, the University of Texas (UT) System Office of Talent and Innovation (OTI) provides access to software solutions that help our affiliate universities manage their knowledge assets.

Across all 13 UT System universities, there are over 80 active users needing access to a robust, reliable, and adaptable software solution to help manage the knowledge supply chain lifecycle.

To support the operational success and growth of our affiliate universities knowledge assets, the UT System OTI and our affiliate universities require a software solution that aids in the academic knowledge transfer process. We specifically require a solution that assist with:

  1. Project/data management
  2. Data tracking
  3. Business intelligence and data analytics
  4. Customer relations management and marketing.