Evaluation and Consultation Partner Needed for Grant to Develop Postsecondary Career Pathways for Rural Learners

Released Date
March 6, 2024
Due Date
March 26, 2024
Goodwill Industries International
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Goodwill Industries International
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GII has awarded subgrants to eight local Goodwill organizations serving rural territories to build postsecondary pathways that are strengthened through the implementation of the Goodwill Opportunity AcceleratorTM framework. These eight local Goodwill organizations will also develop new relationships for and select key community partners to be part of their stakeholder teams. Stakeholder teams could include education partners, employer partners, wrap around support partners and other community partners. As an intermediary/backbone agency for the local rural community, each Goodwill will utilize the Opportunity AcceleratorTM as a consultative tool guiding local postsecondary pathway development for rural learners. The eight local subgrantees will conduct a labor market gap analysis of their rural communities to determine which training pathways for in-demand occupations already exist and which ones do not. Based on this research, sites will prioritize 2-3 postsecondary training pathways to grow, adapt, or build in their rural community