Engineering, Planning, and Construction Support Services

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April 7, 2022
Due Date
May 9, 2022
Department of Environmental Protection – Montgomery County
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The County, through its Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling and Resource Management Division (DEP/RRM), maintains a comprehensive program to manage solid waste generated within the County. The elements of the program include an integrated system of methods and technologies, including source reduction, recycling services, waste-to-energy facility, contractual out-of-County landfilling, maintenance of closed landfills, and a reserve permitted landfill within its borders. The County’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Programs and Operations requires a full range of engineering, planning, and construction support services for the following existing and potential future facilities and associated infrastructure of the County: Gude and Oaks closed Landfills (Rockville and Laytonsville, MD); Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station (Derwood, MD); Material Recycling Facility (Derwood, MD); Resource Recovery Facility (Dickerson, MD); Yard Trim Composting Facility (Dickerson, MD); Beauty Spot Drop-Off Facility (Poolesville, MD); other future Facilities and projects at the County’s discretion.