Data Warehouse Solutions

Released Date
April 15, 2022
Due Date
June 3, 2022
Mendocino County
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RFP Source
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This Request for Proposal (RFP) announces the intent of the County of Mendocino
Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to select a single organization to provide a
comprehensive shared HIPAA compliant data warehouse solution.
The purpose of the RFP is to find a provider with documented expertise in the supply
and management of an enterprise data warehousing and master data management
platform and related services for a HIPAA compliant data warehouse solution to bridge
the gap between service providers and their respective existing technological data
systems. With a data warehouse solution, the Agency hopes to accomplish the

  • Create a central repository for all agency and partner data from various data
  • Use the data in the repository to interface with software applications and to
    prepare internal and external statistical reports; and
    Improve HIPAA compliant data sharing amongst partners, internally and