Clinical decision support (CDS) web enhancement

Released Date
June 3, 2024
Due Date
July 31, 2024
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Issuer Type
Federal government
RFP Source
Govinfo website
89 FR 47561
# of RFP Document
Has Addendum

A Request for Information (RFI) from AHRQ solicits potential collaborators to develop a new model for enhancing CDS Connect, the agency’s web-based platform that allows for authoring, sharing, and reusing clinical decision support (CDS) so healthcare systems and developers can build upon what has already been developed. A recent AHRQ challenge competition invited proposals on enhancing business models and platform enhancements for CDS Connect to evolve as a national CDS hub. Based on competition results, AHRQ has issued the RFI to identify possible collaborators to ensure CDS Connect’s future operations.