Broadband Network Operator

Released Date
June 10, 2024
Due Date
July 10, 2024
Deep East Texas Council of Governments
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DETCOG website
RFP # 2024-02
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To mitigate the broadband issues faced in Newton County, DETCOG (“Owner”) was awarded a $9 million grant in 2022 by the Texas General Land Office which will cover much of the northern part of Newton County with fixed-wireless internet service. The project will utilize CBRS wireless technology on existing wireless towers to provide high speed internet to homes and businesses, linked by approximately 95 miles of new fiber optic backbone cable. When completed, the project will reach more than 2,700 households including approximately 6,700 residents.

Owner seeks to select a single Respondent to operate, maintain, market, sell and extend the NBN to provide high-speed, wireless and fiber broadband services to homes, businesses and community anchor organizations.