Top Free Platforms for Non-profits to Advertise New RFPs

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Traditionally, non-profits have relied on word-of-mouth and social media platforms like LinkedIn to advertise their Request for Proposals (RFPs) and attract vendors to submit competitive bids. However, this approach often limits their reach to the right audience and many potential vendors are unaware of such opportunities.

These portals offer a cost-effective and efficient way for non-profits to reach a wider audience and connect with potential partners and vendors. By advertising their RFPs on these platforms, non-profits can increase their chances of attracting competitive bids.

Here are three of the top RFP marketplace portals that non-profits can use to advertise their RFPs for free:

  1. – RFP Club is a B2B marketplace that enables organizations, including non-profits, public, corporate, and government, to post their RFPs for free through an easy-to-use form. This platform also provides vendors and small businesses access to a wide range of potential projects to bid on. Submit your RFP by simply filling in the form from here.
  2. – RFP Database is a B2B marketplace and exchange for RFPs, allowing organizations (non-profits, corporate, government) to announce their competitive bid projects for free, while also giving vendors access to a variety of potential projects to choose from. To access RFPs on rfpdb, users must upload projects to get credits to view new RFPs.
  3. Philanthropy News Digest – Philanthropy News Digest publishes Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and notices of awards as a free service for U.S.-based nonprofit and grantmaking organizations. Philanthropy News Digest (PND) is a daily news service of the Foundation Center that provides news and analysis on philanthropy, fundraising, and grantmaking.

By leveraging these RFP marketplace portals, non-profits can receive more competitive bids on their RFP, while saving time and money on advertising efforts.